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Michelada Bomb

Michelada Bomb

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Discover the Michelada Bomb

Transform your beer into a refreshing, flavorful experience with our Michelada Bomb. Perfect for those who enjoy the zest of Mexican cuisine but prefer to avoid heavy drinks, this cocktail bomb is your ticket to a vibrant Michelada at home.

What is a Michelada?

A Michelada is the Mexican twist on a classic Bloody Mary. Instead of vodka and tomato juice, it features cerveza (beer) and Clamato juice, resulting in a lighter, tangy drink with fewer calories. Our Drink Bomb™ takes this traditional recipe to the next level with ease and convenience.

How to Use

1. Add to Sparkling Water: For a non-alcoholic mocktail, drop the Michelada Bomb into sparkling water.

2. Add Your Favorite Alcohol: Prefer a boozy kick? Mix it with your favorite beer.

3. Add Ice, Shake or Blend: Enhance the refreshment by adding ice and shaking or blending.

4. Garnish: Finish with your favorite garnish. Cheers to a delightful drink!

Why You’ll Love It

Versatile: Enjoy as a mocktail or cocktail.

Easy to Use: Just drop, mix, and enjoy.

Refreshing: Perfect balance of tang and spice.

Low Calorie: A lighter alternative to traditional cocktails.


Alcohol-Free: Safe for mocktails.

Servings: Makes 1-2 drinks per bomb.

Elevate your beer with the Michelada Bomb and get hooked on the refreshing blend of tangy, spicy flavors. Order now and bring the taste of Mexico to your home bar!

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