About Us

Sips was born on the vibrant beaches of Puerto Rico, where every weekend, locals and visitors alike come together to play sports, relax, and unwind from the week. Central to these gatherings is the enjoyment of refreshing Caribbean beverages like Mojitos, Piña Coladas, and other fantastic cocktails, sipped leisurely while basking in the stunning coastal scenery.

At Sips, we believe in the power of bringing people together over delicious drinks to share in unforgettable social experiences. Our brand is dedicated to creating cocktail bombs and innovative drink additives that transform the drinking experience, making it more fun, engaging, and portable. No longer do you need to visit your favorite bar to enjoy a top-notch cocktail; with Sips, you can bring the bar experience to you.

Through exciting collaborations with some of the best bars in the Caribbean and renowned establishments worldwide, Sips delivers exceptional cocktails straight to your cooler, perfect for beach outings or any social gathering. Our mission is to enhance your social moments with friends, making every sip a memorable one. Join us in creating and sharing delightful beverage experiences that connect and inspire.