Partner with Sips: Elevate Your Craft

At Sips, we believe in celebrating the artistry and creativity of mixologists and bartenders from around the world. We understand that every cocktail tells a story, and we want to help you share yours with a broader audience. Our Partnership Program is designed to bring your unique cocktail creations to life in a convenient, innovative format while rewarding you for your expertise and creativity.

Why Partner with Sips?

Showcase Your Talent: Transform your signature cocktails into ready-to-use mixes and cocktail bombs. We'll work closely with you to capture the essence of your creations using our all-natural ingredients and advanced freeze-drying technology.

Global Reach: Expand your influence and reach a wider audience by offering your cocktail mixes through our extensive distribution network. Your creations will be available to cocktail enthusiasts around the world, bringing your flavors to new markets.

Earn Commissions: Benefit from every sale of your cocktail mix. As a partner, you'll receive a commission on each unit sold, providing you with a continuous revenue stream as your cocktails gain popularity.

Collaborative Development: Work hand-in-hand with our team to perfect the transformation of your cocktails into mix powders and bombs. We value your input and ensure that your vision is preserved in every product.

Brand Recognition: Leverage the Sips brand to enhance your own. Our platform will highlight your expertise and story, giving you the recognition you deserve as a master of your craft.

How it Works

1. Submit Your Cocktail Recipe: Share your favorite cocktail recipes with us. We’re excited to learn about the inspiration and techniques behind your creations.
2. Collaborate on Development: Our team of experts will collaborate with you to transform your cocktails into high-quality, convenient mixes and bombs.
3. Launch and Promote: Once your cocktail mix is perfected, we'll handle the production, packaging, and distribution. We'll also work together on marketing campaigns to promote your products.
4. Earn Commissions: With every sale, you’ll earn a commission, allowing you to profit from your creativity and hard work.

Join Us Today

If you’re a mixologist or bartender looking to elevate your craft and reach a global audience, we invite you to join the Sips Partnership Program. Together, we can bring the art of mixology to cocktail lovers everywhere, making it easier than ever to enjoy world-class cocktails anytime, anywhere.

Contact Us today to get started. Let’s mix, innovate, and share the joy of exceptional cocktails with the world.